Comments Policy

(Valid as of March 2018, older comments may not be subjected to this policy.)

This blog is pretty open in its comments policy regarding what is an acceptable opinion; the author believes in reasonable free speech. Whilst a lot is talked about “safe spaces” and what that means these days, it may be pointed out that this isn’t meant to be the kind of “safe space” where people are immune from controversial opinions they may find offensive or “threatening” in a subjective and idiosyncratic way; it is however meant to be a “safe space” from the point of view of people being able to express their opinions no matter who they are or what they think without being maligned, threatened or shouted down. So, in other words, be nice, and don’t act like a complete arsehole.

Some specific guidelines:

  1. Keep your comments relevant to the post as much as possible.
  2. Make your point clear and speak plainly. The author does have mild Asperger’s Syndrome and doesn’t always “get” insinuations or know when someone else is being sarcastic*.
  3. Please respect the right of the author and other commenters to express their opinion even if you do not agree with it. Respectful disagreement is fine; stating you are not comfortable with what is being expressed is fine; being nasty, belittling or shouting people down is not.
  4. In general, respect the author and other posters and do not insult, threaten or act in an unnecessarily rude or nasty manner either to them or to third parties.
  5. Do not act in a manner not conducive to reasonable discussion. If you are only here to blow your own trumpet and are not prepared to countenance an opposing point of view, or reasonable criticism of your own, please stay away from this blog.
  6. Please keep drama from other blogs or websites there, unless it’s relevant to the post, and don’t export it to this blog.
  7. Obviously, do not violate the terms of WordPress or the User Guidelines, though as far as the author is concerned that is between you and the company.
  8. That said, feel free otherwise to post whatever you like, including to correct the author if any information contained is inaccurate or call him out on perceived BS.

Posts not adhering to the guideines may be removed or not approved.

* Don’t let it make you think the author never understands sarcasm or never attempts it himself, however! He does try occasionally.