Comments Policy

(Valid as of 17th September 2022. Older comments may not be subject to this policy. )

The purpose of this comments policy, as it stands in this version, is not to prevent discussion but to enable it in as reasonable a manner as possible. I want to provide an environment where people are able to comment and, if I get to the point where enough people want to have debates/discussions around the content of posts, to do so without feeling put off either by me or other posters. Obviously as this isn’t a major, well-read blog, likely to attract lots of abuse, it doesn’t really do to have lots of fancy and draconian rules just as an exercise in what would be my ideal comments policy!

As such, all I ask of commenters is:

  • Not to harass, be abusive towards or make personal attacks against the author (me) or other commenters;
  • To argue in good faith (no trolling, no hiding the true intent of your argument, etc.);
  • To keep posts relevant to the topic of the article, or discussion;
  • Not to make their point too unclear (I have Asperger’s Syndrome and don’t always get too-subtle hints, sarcasm etc.);
  • To respect the right of others to express an opinion, irrespective of their identity or beliefs (although strong disagreement with those beliefs is fine);
  • Not to go out of their way to cause unnecessary offence to anyone (e.g. no blatant displays of unfair prejudice against individuals or groups; deliberate or casual use of slurs and other discriminatory language);
  • Not to otherwise engage in any behaviour likely to cause a reader to become unnecessarily uncomfortable.
  • If they are open to conversation, to be willing to consider the other’s point of view and be open to reasonable challenge/criticism of their own views;
  • No posting anything illegal or against WordPress guidelines.

Comments will not be held for approval, so feel free to post. However, any comments which violate the above guidelines may be deleted, or edited for language.

For any complaints, general comments, or if you want to reach me, please email me at rather than using comments. Thanks.