This blog is here to contain the random rantings, musings and occasional fictional outpourings of a crazy young man in a perhaps crazier world, which doesn’t ‘get’ him anymore than he ‘gets’ it. In fact, he can’t even ‘get’ himself. The name implies an imaginary country the author has had since a boy, and referred to himself as such as often he felt like a foriegner in his own land, even though he sometimes pretends to be proud to be British, if only to spite those crazy Yanks, and then again the only real Americans he’s met have been generally very nice, amiable, reasonbly-together folks.

But somehow, it is hoped, things will all get sorted out in the end.

(Edit, March 2018: Comments policy and other notes have been removed pending creation of new page(s), since they aren’t really relevant here.)


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