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This blog is here to contain the random rantings and musings of a crazy young man in a perhaps crazier world, which doesn’t ‘get’ him anymore than he ‘gets’ it. In fact, he can’t even ‘get’ himself. The name implies an imaginary country the author has had since a boy, and referred to himself as such as often he felt like a foriegner in his own land, even though he sometimes pretends to be proud to be British, if only to spite those crazy Yanks, and then again the only real Americans he’s met have been generally very nice, amiable, reasonbly-together folks.

But somehow, it is hoped, things will all get sorted out in the end.


Notes on content and commenting policy (as of January 2018)

  1. Please be aware that at times the author may hold views that are not always orthodox and might be controversial. If this should be the case the comments exist for respectful disagreement and criticism. The author acknowledges that he can get things wrong sometimes and may offend, display white straight cis-male privelege etc. and welcomes reasonable correction, however this is not a license for insults, personal attacks, threats of any kind, etc.
  2. It is to be acknowledged that at times the author may seem to be going out of his way to give the benefit of the doubt to differing points of view. Yes, this does actually get people’s backs up as well. Same principle applies as for part 1.
  3. When commenting please respect all commenters, keep comments relevant to the subject of the article, and speak plainly in your own words. Oblique responses (i.e. ones which the author doesn’t have a clue what the hell you are on about) are not really welcome here.
  4. It is to be acknowledged that parts 1-3 (and quite frankly most of the others) will probably be pretty redundant as long as this blog gets hardly any readers and the author writes only once in a blue moon.
  5. Some of the views expressed in older articles may not necessarily be reflective of the author’s current opinions, especially from the time he was a Christian.
  6. Whilst in the past the author has tried to keep the content “family friendly” as ’twere, this may not always be the case in the future. Don’t worry, there won’t be any hardcore porn, explicit and gratuitous depictions of violence etc. but there may be some more adult themes and slightly more colourful language (at least in any fiction the author may bother to write in future) than before.
  7. Where any content is in any way controversial, triggering or offensive the author will try and include appropriate content warnings but, for the benefit of the neoreactionaries, the specific words “trigger warning” will not be used. (Happy?)
  8. This is not an academic blog or intended as serious journalism, and the author does not intend to back up or cite every source and cannot ensure that all information is 100% factual. However if you feel that there are any instances of incorrect statements, plagiarism or more evidence is needed, please make a note in the comments and the author will (hopefully) attempt to rectify the situation. Same goes for any other issue.
  9. Inappropriate comments, as detailed above, may not be published or may be removed as appropriate.
  10. The author reserves the right to alter or change his mind on these policies as much as is reasonable.

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