New blog announcement: Tales of Lyniezia

I’ve begun creating a new blog to house all of my in-progress short stories. The reasoning behind this is quite simple: it was not really my intention for this blog to be a fiction blog, but rather as a place to share my thoughts, ideas, and general frustrations with the world in such a way that some people might just bother to read about them. Though it would still take a lot more work in turning this blog from an occasional commentary on myself and the world as I see it into something that has a coherent purpose with a definable ‘Unique Selling Point’, it makes sense for it to have some coherent purpose. The easiest way of doing this would be to have a separate blog to house the fiction, for people who are specifically interested in that, and keep this blog for nonfictional articles.

At the time of writing this is just a barebones site with no theme or design flair to it as such; I’ll have to work on what might make it look good and as yet distinct from the main blog. As of yet, I will need to take some advice on ways in which I might possibly do this and welcome any suggestions in the comments below.

Why “Tales of Lyniezia”, you might ask, when not all of them relate to some version of the fictional Lyniezia? To be fair it is, in part, simply to have a snappy name that can easily be remembered.  (“Tales of Lyniezia and Other Stories”, although it might chime in well with my usual tendency towards archaisms, would just sound too long!) In other ways, it’s to link back to this blog, which is metaphorically the “Republic of Lyniezia”, and to demonstrate that it serves as a counterpart to this site.

You will find, alongside the materials published on this blog to date (including a slightly tweaked version of the first two parts of ‘A Not-So-Brief Encounter’) a new story, a silly, humorous and somewhat thrown-together attempt at referencing my other hobby of playing Dungeons and Dragons, entitled ‘Not Quite a Treasure Chest‘.

(As an aside, this site will be undergoing a few tweaks as well, for one to get rid of all the useless filler nonsense that really has no place on this blog anymore, and only served as a way to pretend I was doing something to keep the blog going. I really need to focus on self-improvement and managing my condition to the point where I can pass for a useful productive member of society, not try to make myself into the pathetic loser who loves to snark at himself but does nothing about overcoming his weaknesses. Eventually, I will consider removing the existing fictional content from the site once I have fixed the links on TV Tropes and elsewhere.)

So, ladies, gentlemen and other esteemed members of the human race, I present to you: Tales of Lyniezia!

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