On the Thirteenth Doctor and sundry other matters

So, it’s been the better part of a year since I posted anything really. Not entirely for want of something to post about. I’ve had several ideas on the back burner for some time, including something on my ideas of religious tolerance, whether or not the idea of things like “democracy” in practice is little more than a myth, those annoying words and phrases which seem to make little sense, or even my frustrations over Remembrance Day and other attempts to commemorate the past, which really I think needs to wait until the Silly Season* rolls around again.

And then there was, of course, this, which is old news by now:

Now, I might almost be forgiven for thinking that I was the only male person who actually thought this was a good idea, given the in fact small but very vocal minority who were opposed to the idea of a time-travelling alien who can regenerate into a completely different form as a way of cheating death, happening to change form into something which wasn’t a white male humanoid with a stereotypically British accent**. Granted, some of these complaints were legitimate, like perhaps the one that there are very few male protagonists of adventure-type stories that aren’t the gun-toting action hero that blows away enemies with a snarky one-liner, and instead uses nothing more than his wits and a highly-evolved space-age DIY tool. And granted, if you’re an older viewer who can’t quite get used to the idea that a hitherto male main character is now suddenly female… well, you don’t have to watch. It’s a free country. Just don’t ruin the show for the rest of us.  I mean, do we really need all of this:

“The Doctor is a MAN and will always be a man! This is political correctness gone mad, shameful pandering to all the feminists and SJWs! I thought this was Doctor Who, not Nurse Who! How will she drive the TARDIS? What next, a female James Bond? A male Wonder Woman? This is the end of the show for me, RIP Doctor Who (1963-2017)!”

There’s war in Syria and Yemen in which innocent civilians are in the line of fire. There’s the Rohingya being ethnically cleansed from Myanmar, whilst the great and wonderful Aung San Suu Kyi plays it down. Multiple terrorist attacks, more people than several terrorist attacks put together dying in the Grenfell Tower fire due simply to gross negligence that was pointed out many times over the years and the concerns of residents ignored. We risk political and economic instability over a bad Brexit deal, and to cap it all, we are slowly killing the planet (so to speak). And yet casting a woman in a TV show is somehow even remotely an issue?

I’ll sum up my feelings on that matter with Sixth Doctor actor Colin Baker’s pronouncement, repurposing some old lines:

So there.

Meanwhile… well let’s just say there have been other changes in my life activities and means of support, which will require some re-prioritising with what I will do with my life. Let me just say that has lead me to having more free time and lesser obligations than I might have had before, and makes me wonder yet again just what is wrong with me if I am even that bad. And that includes where I take this blog. Can I somehow use this writing as some kind of purpose, or is it just going to stay the odd long-winded and pointless rant once in a blue moon? Can I make anything of it? Who knows? What do I even do with this blog, and am I capable? Do I use it to offer insights into the news, issues and other sundry things on which I have an opinion? Do I continue writing fiction, particularly the Jenny Everywhere snippet I put out a while back? Do I review more vintage anime? Do I need to focus on one thing or the other to be successful? Do I, in order to promote it, have to join up to that invention of the dark lord that is Satan himself, that is named for bird noises? Time will tell. Watch this space.

* By which, for those who haven’t read the rest of my blog, I mean the period roughly between Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night and Christmas. I guess there will be people who will be offended to see Remembrance Day lumped in with that lot and that description in the way I might do, and whilst that’s not entirely my intention, I sometimes wonder about the attitudes that surround it.

** Instead of… well, a white female humanoid with a slightly less than stereotypical British accents. As one of the Doctor’s previous incarnations noted, lots of planets have a North (and don’t you forget it!) but otherwise, hardly one giant leap for diversity…

2 thoughts on “On the Thirteenth Doctor and sundry other matters

  1. Well I will keep an open mind on the female Doctor Who.

    You know if there was not this current drive to eradicate white males from even existing I wouldn’t be bothered about it all.

    Sadly I think this has more to do with the plans the Dark State has to deny a large section of the human race ever even existed.

    1. As regards Doctor Who I think that is the most sensible approach. We simply don’t know enough about the characterization, storytelling and general suitability of Jodie Whittaker for the role from a mere trailer and 30 seconds or so of in-episode footage. I think if we are talking about the gender issue there is the concern that it’s going to be about pushing the fact the Doctor is female over having a decent and enjoyable plot and characterizations, or portraying her as yet another standard, cookie-cutter “Strong Female Character” with none of the Doctor’s usual quirks and who can do no wrong.

      As to your second statement that is a very subjective point-of-view to put it mildly, unless that is deliberate exaggeration for effect. As far as I can see diversity initiatives are more about ensuring people who aren’t white males (who have been represented plenty throughout history) are not erased from presumed existence. I will admit that there are some who do attempt to overcompensate for this however. That there is so much focus on women’s and minority issues I do see how the concerns of white males, particularly of the working class may seem to be being marginalized, however, and I do know that some journalists and activists are prone to bad-taste jokes and ironic statements. (I can’t say I am comfortable with this point-of-view and frankly, as a white male myself I don’t feel as if anyone is trying to erase me from existence, a few very extreme feminists notwithstanding. But, rest assured this blog is in favour of free speech; I’m not operating it as *that* kind of “safe space”!)

      As to your third point I’m not altogether sure what you mean, although I can hazard a guess- seeing as those in power rarely ever have cared too much for anyone who isn’t conducive to their interests, if not quite the reverse.

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