Ban-oween? Or, The Silly Season Is Now Upon Us

This is now the time of year where Halloween, Bonfire Night and Commercial Christmas all come upon us in one fell swoop. and this is the point where the collective madness gets into full swing.

Firstly, the shops display all manner of “spooky” Halloween related goods. Maybe some of the symbolism is really spooky- I mean, think about what those Jack-O’Lanterns really look like. And there is invariably an obsession with the dark and the macabre- witches, vampires, ghosts and all.I would rather not see this stuff plastered absolutely everywhere- every shop, library, college and whatnot. You can’t get away from it.

I’m not even going to start on the alleged pagan connections, since I know little about the real facts, and all I will say about the macabre obsession is obsessing over the dark and evil seems unhealthy to say the least. If it isn’t linking in with the supernatural, indeed demonic. Just a bit of fun? Maybe. Or maybe not.

And then there are bound to be a few kids trying to knock on your door pestering you for money or sweets. Hence why I have all the lights off bar one- then they might think no-one’s in and it’s not worth bothering. Some wonder if letting kids out on their own on a dark night is even a good idea, though this could be paranoid.

Either way, I sometimes wish I could ban the whole thing. Maybe that is an over-reaction, but I’d rather have the right NOT to see evidence of this sort of thing everywhere I go, thanks.

And then there’s always going to be one or two nutters who will insist on setting off fireworks at any time of the day or night, possibly with no regards to safety, even though it’s not November the 5th. thankfully I’ve only heard one or two this year- it’s actually getting better. Then, when you get to the night itself, I could swear the whole town turns into something closely resembling a war-zone, only with pretty lights. This does scare small animals, folks. Do bear that in mind.

And why exactly does the material worship that is commercial Christmas have to begin in October? If not September? Ah well, there’s plenty of Lebkuchen (German gingerbread) at Lidl… but I’m supposed to be on a diet. (Yeah, right.*) and maybe mulled wine. Why isn’t this stuff available year-round?

End rant. It really was pretty un-profound and almost content-free this time.

*EDITED: since me and dieting really don’t mix, and I therefore made a slip-up.

[EDIT #2: for typos and just to let people know that the views expressed in this article are not necessarily the same views I hold now; 4. September, 2017.]